TipSheet 4: Designing Your Own Art Glass | Kilnforming

TipSheet 4: Designing Your Own Art Glass

glass fusing tips: create personalized pieces by designing your own art glass


Working with a palette of glass frits, powders and stringers, you can create sheets of art glass with special effects to use in stained glass or fusing projects. These sheets can include the classic elements of design— lines, dots, shading, shape and pattern—and will be limited only by your imagination.


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Black stringers 1 mm (000100-0107-F)
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Clear stringers 1mm (001101-0107-F)
Cranberry Pink powder (001311-0008-F)
Crystal Clear coarse frit (001401-0003-F)
Deep Cobalt Blue Opal powder (000147-0008-F)
Midnight Blue powder (001118-0008-F)
Orange Opal powder (000125-0008-F)
Red powder (001122-0008-F)
Sunflower Yellow Opal coarse frit (000220-0003-F)
Tekta Clear 3 mm (001100-0380-F)
Tekta Clear 4 mm (001100-0480-F)
Tekta Clear 6 mm (001100-0680-F)
Yellow Opal coarse frit (000120-0003-F)
Yellow Opal fine frit (000120-0001-F)
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