TipSheet 5: Bullseye Box Casting | Kilncasting

TipSheet 5: Bullseye Box Casting

kilncasting tips: create amazing relief print castings with the box casting method


This TipSheet describes how to create a reverse-relief cast glass object with the optical clarity of a furnace casting, using plaster/silica design elements in an open-faced mold assembled from vermiculite board and other refractory materials. There are several advantages to this process:

  • Less waste than traditional kilncasting processes
  • The majority of the molds will be reusable
  • Molds will be of uniform thickness, allowing for uniform heating and cooling
  • Molds will not fail at casting temperature (one of the most common concerns in kilncasting and the reason there is such a boggling array of mold recipes in use)
  • Cleaner and more predictable results than kilncasting in most of the traditional methods
  • Extremely easy to repeat for the purpose of making editions or production work


TipSheet 5: Bullseye Box Casting PDF
(Revised July 21, 2013)

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