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Bullseye Adds Screen Printing Supplies

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Bullseye offers a great selection of quality screen printing supplies—everything you need to create durable imagery with a wide range of colors, textures, and layers of transparency. 

print glass screen Printing Screens
20" x 24" (51 x 61 cm)
135-mesh (7050)
230-mesh (7051)
print glass tools Screen Printing Tools
Emulsion Scoop Coater (7052)
Screen Printing Hinge Clamps (7063)
Screen Spray-out Nozzle (7053)
print glass scrub Scrub Pads & Handle
White, Soft (7041)
Red, Medium (7042)
Blue, Firm (7043)
Scrub Pad Handle (7044)
print glass franmar Franmar Screen Treatments
d-Haze® Gel Haze Remover (7045)
d-Grease™ Degreaser (7046)
Strip-e-Doo® Emulsion Stripper (7048)

View the complete line of screen printing products—including photosensitive emulsion, stencil materials, transfer paper, positive films, and more—in our Online Store.

Additional information
What supplies do you need for your project? Check out our Print & Glass Source List.

Print & Glass Video Lessons
We've developed video lessons on a number of printing methods for Bullseye Kiln-Glass Education Online. Subscription required, only $39/year!

  • Drawing with Glass
  • Powder Printing
  • Screen Printing with Enamels, Parts 1 & 2
  • Screen Printing with Hand-Cut Stencils
  • Screen Printing with Screen Filler & Drawing Fluid
  • Working with Powders on Sheet (FREE)
  • More in the works!