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Bullseye Glass Progress in Compliance with New Environmental Standards

For Release October 21, 2016—Bullseye Glass Co. wants to keep you informed of the progress we are making to protect human health and the environment while remaining strong in the marketplace. We have been working closely with state and local officials to reach full compliance with the evolving standards for operating in Portland.

Under the supervision of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Bullseye has implemented a significant environmental protection capital investment program, installing baghouses on 12 of our furnaces. Another 6 furnaces will be controlled by baghouses by the end of October 2016. Permanent rules adopted by the Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission in September will require the installation of additional technology, which will be in place in December. We will begin planning for source testing at that time, with the intention to resume full production in early 2017.

Until then, we will not be able to produce glasses containing chrome. We continue to develop new chrome-free greens and have reformulated other styles when possible. One of the styles we have reformulated is 0100 Black, which may appear to be slightly more transparent than in the past. This will be the case until we can once again use chrome.

Meanwhile, other important developments include:

We recently inspected, tested, and serviced stormwater drywells that are used to capture and control rainwater from our facility's roof. Last week we had a work crew uncovering part of the southwest driveway and servicing one of our two drywells. Fnd out more: Progress Report on Stormwater Runoff.

A second round of soil sampling was completed in August of 2016, focusing on areas that were not sampled in the first round, completed in February 2016. The good news for the neighbors of the Bullseye facility is that DEQ and Oregon Health Authority scientists have concluded, after an in-depth review, that the levels of metals detected in the soils do not pose health risks to neighbors. A copy of the Soil Sampling Reports can be found at http://www.deq.state.or.us/nwr/docs/metalsem/bullseyeSSR2.pdf.

Throughout this very busy year, Bullseye has consistently responded to all new regulations and production requirements quickly and proactively, despite recent blows to the art glass community at large. As you may know, Uroboros Glass announced they will be ceasing operations in early 2017. While we are saddened for their employees, customers and the art glass industry in general, Bullseye Glass is fully committed to investing the time and funds necessary to remain in a position to move forward successfully, cleanly and in cooperation with all regulations.

We continue to address the challenges ahead, and we look forward to being the cleanest art glass manufacturer in the United States. Your continued support is helping us to reach our goals.

The Team at Bullseye

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