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Bullseye Installs Liquid Oxygen System

NOVEMBER 5, 2005–Bullseye Glass Co. has installed a system that uses oxygen to help natural gas burn cleaner and hotter. Five years in the planning, this new system will reduce consumption by up to 40% and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A new liquid oxygen system helps Bullseye Glass Co. use natural gas more efficiently.

Bullseye manufactures over 1,000 colors and styles of glass for use in art and architecture. Called "the most sophisticated glass-coloring company in the world" by glass impresario Dale Chihuly, the factory is an international leader in color formulation. This new system is not only better for the environment, but gives the glass production crew more control over the melting process and superior control over colors.

"Right now there is not a cost advantage to using this system," says project engineer Matt McGary, "but we can have more exact furnace control and monitor the flame more precisely."

Bullseye president Daniel Schwoerer says that the new system was necessary so that the company could "be as green as we can. We will eventually reduce our carbon emissions by as much as 40%, and our nitrous oxide emissions by more than 90%."

Project manager Daren Marshall adds, "The cost benefit will come in the future. It's actually more expensive at the moment, but is better for the environment and for glass quality."

The system was supplied and installed by Praxair, Inc., a leading supplier of oxygen/fuel technology to industry.

"The equipment was installed to national code and has dual redundancy safety measures in place," says Marshall.

Project team members: Daren Marshall (project manager), Daniel Schwoerer (owner), Matt McGary (engineer), Eric Durrin (controller), and Mechelle Boyd (administrator).

Information about Bullseye's product line, gallery and resources for artists can be found at www.bullseyeglass.com