Bullseye Reaches Agreement with Oregon DEQ | News Releases

Bullseye Reaches Agreement with Oregon DEQ

FOR RELEASE JUNE 6, 2016—Bullseye Glass Co. has signed an agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The Mutual Agreement and Order (MAO) signed today allows us to continue the process, started in February, of installing emissions control technology on our furnaces. The agreement provides regulatory clarity and allows Bullseye and DEQ to ensure that emissions from our facility are safe.

A pilot emissions control system (baghouse) is already in place. Starting in mid-July, we plan to bring a second baghouse online, which should allow us to resume making limited quantities of some glasses. We expect to have a third, larger system installed and operational in August. At that time, we hope to return to previous production and staffing levels, which is critical to Bullseye employees and their families. 

We thank our neighbors, our employees, and the glass community around the world for their support and patience during this challenging time.