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Bullseye Statement on Stormwater Runoff

FOR RELEASE July 1, 2016—Over the past several months, the Bureau of Environmental Services for the City of Portland (BES) has inspected Bullseye for compliance with the City’s Code with respect to discharges of stormwater into the City’s combined sewer system. BES has concluded that Bullseye’s facility is not required to have a wastewater discharge permit or an industrial stormwater discharge permit. However, all dischargers including industrial, commercial and residential customers must still meet general limits including the size of materials that can be discharged and limits for certain compounds.

During a site inspection on April 21, BES observed glass shards greater than 0.65 centimeters in size in a sewer located on Bush Street. BES also collected a stormwater sample from a catch basin in the vicinity of Bullseye. Selenium was detected at 0.818 mg/L, slightly above the limit of 0.600 mg/L. BES issued a Notice of Violation and assessed a fine of $600.

Bullseye is not contesting the fine. Bullseye is also taking immediate steps to control stormwater runoff from its facility. Bullseye has installed additional filters to catch glass and other solids from entering the City’s sewer system. Bullseye also agreed to hire a contractor to clean the sewer lines. Bullseye is also evaluating additional best management practices to ensure that stormwater discharges meet City limits. Bullseye anticipates completing the work this summer and issuing a final report to the City by October 10, 2016.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has requested that Bullseye confirm that its two drywells, which collect stormwater from the roof, are in compliance with Bullseye's permit and DEQ regulations. Bullseye will submit a sampling plan to DEQ in the next 30 days and will implement the plan following DEQ’s approval. Bullseye continues to fully cooperate with BES and DEQ to address any concerns.

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