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Dense White is Back!

Dense White

We removed Dense White glass from our standard product line a few years back, but have continued to produce it as a special production style for a worldwide network of makers who are passionate fans. Since we removed it from production, demand has only grown. 

We heard you and in response, Dense White is now back in sheet glass and frit!

Working Notes: Dense White (000313) is a gorgeous, opaque white, but this beautiful glass does have a few peculiarities in how it fires, so we encourage you to read the Dense White working notes in About Our Glass.

Dense White Sheet Glass

Dense White, 3mm

Dense White, 2mm Thin

Dense White Frit

Dense White, Fine Frit (000313-0001)
Dense White, Medium Frit (000313-0002)
Dense White, Coarse Frit (000313-0003)
Dense White, Powder (000313-0008)

Many thanks to Nikki O'Neill for this photo of one of her pieces that uses Dense White.