Emerge / Evolve Opens at Bay Area Gallery | News Releases

Emerge / Evolve Opens at Bay Area Gallery

Emerge / Evolve has opened at Bullseye's Bay Area gallery and will run through October 11.

The exhibit brings together the work of winners and selected finalists from the Emerge 2014 competition, along with recent work by former Emerge finalists.

Emerge features works by Rei Chikaoka (Japan), Kate Clements (USA), Marion Delarue (France), Abram Deslauriers (USA), Opie Hileman (USA), Manuela Castro Martins (Portugal), Anna Mlasowsky (Germany/USA), Cheryl Wilson-Smith (Canada), James B. Thompson (USA), Kathryn Wightman (UK/New Zealand), and Gina Zetts (USA).

Evolve features past Emerge finalists: Martie Negri (Emerge 2006), Nathan Sandberg (Emerge 2004), and Amanda Simmons (Emerge 2012).

Future stops on the Emerge / Evolve national tour are:

  • Pittsburgh Glass Center (November 2014-January 2015)
  • Bellevue Arts Museum (February-June 2015)

For more information, see the Emerge / Evolve exhibit page or the Emerge 2014 page.