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Leak Detection with Filtration System Ensures Clean Operation

FOR RELEASE March 9, 2017—In the fall of 2016 Bullseye Glass Company installed an emissions control system utilizing baghouses to capture 99.9 % of the particulate emissions from the furnace stacks. In December, a leak detection system was added to this system, to ensure maximum efficacy. The leak detection system provides ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the emissions control system. Each baghouse has 36 bags with pleated fabric filters. A record indicating the status of the bags is kept every six minutes, on average, during furnace operation.

Other Bullseye Glass systems reduce environmental impact

In 2004, Bullseye was honored with an award from BEST (Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow) in Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development—for achieving a 60% reduction in factory water use by voluntarily replacing a single-pass cooling system with one that re-circulates water.

In 2005, Bullseye installed a cryogenic oxygen system to improve efficiency in the consumption of natural gas in our manufacturing process. It is estimated that the system reduces Bullseye’s carbon emissions by as much as 40% and nitrous oxide emissions by more than 90%.

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