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New Products for Spring 2013

Bullseye is pleased to announce more than 30 exciting additions to our product line. Take your creativity to new heights with new styles, mixes, stringers, molds, and more!


New Opalescents
Soft, natural colors ranging from light to dark hues, designed to combine harmoniously with the rest of Bullseye’s palette. Each style is available in standard 3 mm double-rolled sheet, and Thin half sheets.

Indigo Blue 000148 Dusty Blue 000208 Cream 000420
Indigo Blue
000148-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code C
Like black, very dark. Unlike black, vibrant and lively.
Dusty Blue
000208-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code C
Similar in intensity to Egyptian Blue (000164), but more muted and earthy. A comfortable fit with our opalescent grays.
000420-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code D
If you love French Vanilla (000137) – but don't care for the reactivity and unpredictable marbling – you will love Cream. It fires to an even, warm-toned off-white.
Celadon Green 000207 Artichoke 000131 Warm White 000920
Celadon Green
000207-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code C
A sophisticated and warm gray-green jade.
000131-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code D
A pale and elegant gray green. Tasty artichoke hearts at the café across the street from the factory inspired the name!
Warm White
000920-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code C
It's still white, just warmer!
Mink 000119 Elephant Gray 000206  
000119-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code D
A brownish mauve (or a mauve-ish brown).
Elephant Gray
000206-0030-F, -0050-F
Price Code C
Perfectly fills the gap in our gray scale between Driftwood Gray (000132) and Deco Gray (000136). Fondly known as "Baby Elephant" to Bullseye employees.

New Streakies
These new mix styles are unlike any mix Bullseye has ever offered. In fact, they're so different that we gave them new names: Cascade and Infusion. Each sheet is truly one of a kind. Expect variation in the design, combined with Bullseye consistency in performance. We've also added a versatile new streaky featuring Clear, White, and Black.

Cascade 002537 Infusion 002637 Clear Black White 003100
French Vanilla, Light Turquoise Blue, Cascade
Price Code C
To illustrate color reactions,
we include images of the cold sheet with the same sheet
after firing.
French Vanilla, Light Turquoise Blue, Infusion
Price Code C
To illustrate color reactions,
we include images of the cold sheet with the same sheet
after firing.
Clear, White, Black
Price Code C
A traditional streaky that looks great layered over opalescent colors.

New Collage

Black Fracture Streamers on Clear 004136 Black Fracture -
Streamers on Clear

Price Code E
This is the first time we've combined black fracture and black streamers. The result is a versatile new collage style that can be combined with a huge range of colors, giving you more control over your design. Very popular with customers at our Portland Resource Center.

Tekta 40" x 40"
Flat, high-yield, economical Tekta Clear and Crystal Clear now come in 40" x 40" sheets. Easier to handle and store than 40" x 80" sheets. (Contact your Bullseye dealer or sales representative to place an order.)

Style and Thickness Style
Per Sheet
Per Case
Per Case
Clear, 3 mm 001100-0380-F-4040 $96.25 $1,587.63 33
Clear, 4 mm 001100-0480-F-4040 $127.65 $1,595.25 25
Clear, 6 mm 001100-0680-F-4040 $192.75 $1,734.30 18
Crystal Clear, 3 mm 001401-0380-F-4040 $153.90 $2,539.02 33
Crystal Clear, 4 mm 001401-0480-F-4040 $204.55 $2,556.50 25
Crystal Clear, 6 mm 001401-0680-F-4040 $307.80 $2,769.84 18


Fine Line 0.5 mm Stringer
Do you like a fine line? Incorporate extremely thin lines in your next project with these extra slim 0.5 mm stringers! Available in our most popular colors. Packaged in 18" tubes with 140 grams (5 ounces) per tube (except for Cranberry, whose net weight is lighter to equalize pricing per tube).

Reactive Cloud 000009-0507 Reactive Cloud 000009-0507
Opaque White 000013-0507
Opaque White Opal 000013-0507
Stiff Black 000101-0507
Stiff Black Opal 000101-0507
Turquoise Blue Opal 000116-0507 Turquoise Blue Opal 000116-0507
Red Opal 000124-0507 Red Opal
Orange Opal  000125-0507
Orange Opal
Spring Green Opal 000126-0507 Spring Green Opal 000126-0507
French Vanilla Opal 000137-0507 French Vanilla Opal 000137-0507
Deep Cobalt Blue Opal 000147-0507
Deep Cobalt
Blue Opal

Sunflower Yellow Opal 000220-0507 Sunflower
Yellow Opal

White Opal 000113-0507 White Opal

Reactive Ice 001009-0507 Reactive Ice

Clear 001101-0507 Clear
Turquoise Blue 001116-0507 Turquoise Blue 001116-0507 Cranberry 001311-0507 Cranberry
Spring Green 001426-0507 Spring Green


Take slumping into new territory. We've added several molds that offer clean, modern variations on some of our classic forms. We're also introducing a new set of molds that make it possible to create deep-slumped bowls through a three-step process. Molds are available for pre-order. Call today! (Note that some variability of shape in finished pieces is to be expected given the nature of slumping kiln-glass.)

Flat Slumper 008972 Big Bowl 008973 Large Cone Bowl 008975
Flat Slumper
11.875 x 11.875 x 1.25 in
(283 x 283 x 32 mm)
This mold produces plates with more flat surface area – and a wider base – than our standard square slumping molds.
Big Bowl
13 x 3.875 in
(329 x 98 mm)
This mold produces a classic wide fruit- or salad-style bowl with a stable base.
Large Cone Bowl
11.875 x 3.625 in
(302 x 92 mm)
A larger version of our popular 7.75" Cone Bowl (8943).
Deep Form Step II 008990 Deep Form Step III 008991  
Deep Form, Step II
15.75 x 7.625 in
(400 x 193 mm)
Our Ball Surface mold (8738) is now Step I in the process. Step II takes the wide, shallow bowl created with Ball Surface mold to a more bell-shaped form.
Deep Form, Step III
12.875 x 8.5 in
(327 x 214 mm)
Step III takes the bell-shaped form to a deep vessel with graceful, sloping proportions and a flat base.