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New Styles - and a New Book - Added to the Bullseye Product Line

new styles September 2017

FOR RELEASE SEPTEMBER 12, 2017—Get inspired by the new glass styles—and a new book—we've added to the Bullseye product line!

Download a PDF with information on our new styles.


New Sheet Glass

Dark Amber Transparent
(001138-0030, -0050, -0031, -0051)

This style beautifully completes our Amber line, giving you light, medium, and now dark amber options. (Price Code B)

Light Bronze Transparent, Gold Irid

Now available with with a gold irid coating. With 001429-37 and 001137-38, this style completes our silver/gold/bronze line. (Price Code B)

Glacier Blue Opalescent
(000104-0030, -0050)

A gorgeous new blue! (Price Code B)

Robin's Egg Blue Opalescent
(000161-0030, -0050)

Another gorgeous new blue! (Price Code B)

White, Light Silver Gray Cascade

By popular demand, we're offering a non-iridized version of 2249-CA37. (Price Code C)


New Frit

Blue Black Opalescent



This formulation looks black in thick sections but we love how it looks like a blue-black ink in thin sections. Color can shift slightly from blue to purple under different light.

Available in gauge sizes: Powder (-0008), Fine (-0001), Medium (-0002), Coarse (-0003). Sold in 5 oz., 1 lb., and 5 lb. jars 


New Book

permeable structure

Permeable Structure

This full-color catalog documents the inaugural exhibition at the Byre, a new exhibition space in northern Scotland. Permeable Structure brings together the work of artists Silvia Levenson, Emily Nachison, Michael Rogers, and Karlyn Sutherland in an exhibition that draws from the landscape, deep history, and culture of Caithness, the northernmost county in Scotland. Catalog includes photos of the artists and their works. Essays by Tina Oldknow and Lani McGregor.

2017, soft cover, 32 pages, color.

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