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Ring Mottles are Back!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Beautiful non-fusible Tiffany reproductions for stained glass & mosaics are available now! See the complete list of dealers below. They're also available in our Online Store

Download a PDF with information on our ring mottles.

Toffee Mottle (006010)
White Mottle (006013)
White, Gold Pink Mottle (006210)
White, Burgundy Red Mottle (006231)
Robin's Egg, Deep Royal Blue Mottle (006264)
Patina Green Mottle (006045)

Bullseye Dealers with Ring Mottles in stock

Schloss-Holte - Stuckenbrock, Germany

Osaka, Japan

Northwest Art Glass
Redmond, WA

Nagoya, Japan

Franklin Art Glass
Columbus, OH

Ed Hoy’s International
Warrenville, IL

Delphi Glass
Lansing, MI

D&L Art Glass Supply
Denver, CO

Bullseye Resource Center Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM

Bullseye Resource Center Portland
Portland, OR

Bullseye Resource Center New York
Mamaroneck, NY

Bullseye Resource Center Los Angeles
South Pasadena, CA

Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area
Emeryville, CA

About Our Ring Mottles

Louis Comfort Tiffany first developed ring mottles in the early 20th century. Artists use them to create the impression of dappled sunlight on petals, leaves, grass, or water in stained glass windows and lampshades.

Bullseye Ring Mottle sheet glasses are non-fusible and not intended for kilnwork. Their formulas are not Bullseye Compatible, and they are not tested for compatibility.

The mottle patterning, which develops in manufacturing, is heatwork sensitive and changes when fired. At full fuse temperatures, mottles almost completely disappear.

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