With gratitude for your past support, Bullseye Glass looks forward to 2017! | News Releases

With gratitude for your past support, Bullseye Glass looks forward to 2017!

bullseye glass thanks you


FOR RELEASE January 9, 2017—2016 was a rough and rocky year, but Bullseye Glass and our community survived it together. Bullseye’s progress to this point was only possible because of the support of people around the world who bought glass, purchased artwork, registered for classes and workshops, and subscribed to Bullseye’s technical video program. Everyone at Bullseye is extremely grateful to each glass user who supported our efforts. Your continued support is critical for us to remain in operation as we plan for source testing and mount an expensive legal defense against an unusual and unprecedented class-action lawsuit. We need your support now more than ever.

In the past 11 months, Bullseye invested over $1 million in necessary emission controls to meet new environmental standards. And while some of our competitors think otherwise, we think Portland, Oregon, is the right place to make the best artisan glass in the world while maintaining the highest standards of public health and safety.

Here are some of the accomplishments that you supported:

  • To date, 18 of 20 furnaces have baghouses installed.
  • Additional technology for leak detection was installed in December.
  • We are scheduled to conduct the final state and federal emissions testing and documentation of our operating procedures in the first quarter of 2017. Once this is complete, it's our intention to resume full production as soon as possible.

Owner Dan Schwoerer states: “The expense has been extremely challenging, but now that we have met this significant goal, we are confident that we have a strong and sustainable business, and can operate in full compliance with new regulations.”

Bullseye Glass management credits employees for their focused and diligent efforts in working alongside consultants to install and adapt our processes to use this equipment. Employees are also meeting the challenge of developing new glass colors to replace those whose production is halted or limited due to the new regulations.

We recently sent out a survey to get feedback on the question of whether Bullseye Glass should start producing glass compatible with System 96. Based on feedback from customers and dealers, we will not embark on this new direction. We will keep our focus on continued development of Bullseye Compatible glass exclusively. For those who participated in the survey, we appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in responding.

Your support of Bullseye Glass is meaningful beyond the survival of our company and the livelihood of our employees in Portland, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Fe. You also helped countless fellow glass business owners, artists, and craftspeople to survive. You made it possible for this small company to continue to make high-quality glass in the United States, without compromising new environmental standards. We thank you and look forward to providing you with excellent glass, technical and fabrication support, artist residencies, and exhibition programming, so that you can share your work with the world.

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