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Red-Orange Transparent 001022

  • Rod

Red-Orange Transparent Rod

red-orange transparent rod 001022-0576-F-xxxx


icon_striker.gif Striker



Selenium, Sulfur

May React With

Copper, Lead, Silver

Cold Characteristics

Light transparent amber.

Working Notes

Torch: Strikes to a red-orange in the flame. Keep 001022-0576 transparent by using it in small amounts with minimal heatwork, or adding it near the end of the time in the flame. Before it is put into an annealing kiln, check that 001022-0576 has truly struck; it should appear very dark, almost black. If it is still light in color, gently cool and reheat the glass without bringing it to a molten state and watch for the glass to darken as it strikes. We advise labeling all striking glasses.

Kiln: Rod-only glass style.