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Turquoise Blue Transparent 001116

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Turquoise Blue Transparent Sheet Glass

Bullseye Turquoise Blue Transparent Kiln Glass 001116-0030-x-xxxx



May React With

Selenium, Sulfur, Reactive (000009, 001009, 001019)

See our Bullseye Reactive Potential charts for more information

Cold Characteristics

Fairly consistent color from run to run in cold sheet.

Working Notes

A copper glass. May have black interface reaction with certain cadmium and/or sulfur glasses (001137, 001437, 000137, 000120, 000125, 001125, etc.).

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.

Turquoise Blue Transparent Rod

Turquoise Blue Transparent Rod 001116-0576-F-xxxx



May React With

Selenium, Sulfur

Cold Characteristics

Bright transparent turquoise.

Working Notes

Torch: A stable blue that is not prone to reduction in a neutral flame.

Kiln: Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass. See sheet glass notes for this style.

Turquoise Blue Transparent Ribbon

turquoise blue transparent ribbon 001116-0401-x-xxxx