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What firing schedule do I use for casting?

consider all variables when designing your firing schedule for casting, and plan carefully

As with nearly all kilnforming projects, the answer will vary depending on a number of factors such as the mold you're using, the process you're using, as well as the glass you're using.

For example, a pâte de verre firing schedule would differ greatly from a box casting firing schedule.

We can try to help you find the perfect firing schedule for your project by recommending some different firing schedules that have been successfully tested with various processes in our lab.

If you're using the lost wax method, see TipSheet 8: Basic Lost Wax Kilncasting. If you're doing a box casting, see TipSheet 5: Bullseye Box Casting.

Many beginning kilncasters get started by taking short classes or workshops, either at Bullseye or at local teaching studios.

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