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White Opalescent 000113

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White Opalescent Sheet Glass

bullseye white opalescent kiln glass 000113-0030-x-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Partly transparent. Slight dappling of color.

Working Notes

Opalizes upon firing. Slight dappling apparent in transmitted light. Fusible. Compatible with other Bullseye compatible glasses.

Double-Rolled & Single-Rolled Sheets

Most solid-color sheets are double-rolled. A few styles are also available in single-rolled sheets, and will have a smooth, undulating surface on the front, and orange-peel texture on the back side.

Single-rolled glass can produce dappled lighting effects that are highly valued in stained glass applications.

Single vs Double-Rolled Front

Single vs Double-Rolled Back

As of Spring 2019, White Opalescent stringer (000113) has been reclassified under Dense White Opalescent (000313). For reactive potential and working notes, please see Dense White Opalescent.

White Opalescent Billets


White Opalescent Glass Confetti