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Why should I choose Bullseye glass over other glasses?

The reasons to choose Bullseye glass as your fusing glass are as expansive as our palette of colors

When you buy Bullseye glass, you're investing in top-quality materials and technical resources:

  • Our standards for testing and quality are the highest in the industry and our products are unsurpassed for consistency and reliability in performance. Our product dependability conserves your valuable time and resources.
  • Our glass products are developed in collaboration with artists from around the globe. We offer artists the largest and most subtle palette of compatible products on the market, with more than 1,150 styles and forms of glass.
  • We are the only glass company with full-time kilnforming and torchworking staff to serve you by addressing technical problems, developing first-rate educational resources, and researching new products and glassmaking techniques.
  • Our glass-savvy sales team provides responsive, individualized service.
  • We monitor our manufacturing practices continually to surpass best practices for employee safety and environmental accountability.
  • We offer many opportunities for artists: a biennial conference for professionals; a biennial exhibition for emerging artists; and a fine arts gallery, which draws international attention to innovative works in kilnformed glass.

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