000161 Robin’s Egg Blue Opalescent

Robin's Egg Blue sheet glass swatch


Reactive Potential

Contains: Copper (Cu)
May React With: Selenium (Se) / Sulfur (S), Reactive styles (000009, 001009, 001019)

Forms of Glass

Sheet Glass (-0030, -0050)

Detailed Information

About 000161 Sheet Glass
Cold Characteristics

May have a dappled surface.

Working Notes

A copper glass. May have dark color reaction at interface with cadmium/selenium or sulfur glasses including 000125, 000120, 000126, 000137. May have a red-hued color reaction with Reactive glasses such as 000009, 001009, 001019. Tests fired to a full fuse indicate that Robin’s Egg Blue Opalescent reacts visibly & with an intensity similar to 000216.

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Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.