Sheet Glass Style Release History

Samples in limited quantities are available for purchase through our online store. Samples are not tested compatible and are not for fusing.

Sheet Glass Additions By Year


001176-0030, -0050, -0031, -0051Peacock Blue Transparent
000304-0030, -0050Lavender Opalescent
004325-0000Green Fracture with Line Cast Green Streamers Clear Base Collage (no samples available)
004329-0000Green and Pink Fracture with Line Cast Green Streamers Clear Base Collage (no samples available)
000100-0070, -0071
-RI71, -RI71
-HR70, -HR71
Black Opalescent, Granite
001101-0070, -0071
-RI71, -RI71
-HR70, -HR71
Clear Transparent, Granite
004247-0000-FRainbow Frit, Rainbow Streamers Clear Base Collage


001246-0030, -0050Copper Blue
001229-0030, -0050, -0031,-0051Pewter
002146-0030Copper Blue Transparent and White Streaky
001814-0030Sapphire Blue Tint
001816-0030Turquoise Blue Tint
001845-0030Ming Green Tint
001917-0030Cilantro Green Tint
003100-GR30Clear, White, Black Graffiti (No Samples Available)
001228-0030, -0050
-0031, -0051
002312-0030White, Aventurine Green


000313-0030, -0050Dense White (Re-Release)


000104-0030, -0050Glacier Blue
000161-0030, -0050Robin’s Egg Blue
000221-0030, -0050Citronelle
000222-0030, -0050Avocado Green
000345-0030, -0050Steel Jade
000349-0030, -0050Gray Green
001138-0030, -0031
-0050, -0051
Dark Amber
001422-0030, -0050Lemon Lime Green
001409-0038Light Bronze, Gold Irid
002249-0030White, Light Silver Gray Cascade
006010-0000Toffee Mottle
006013-0000White Mottle (Re-Release)
006045-0000Patina Green Mottle
006207-0000Light Celery, Lime Green Mottle (Re-Release)
006210-0000White, Gold Pink Mottle (Re-Release)
006212-0000Medium Celery, Emerald Green Mottle (Re-Release)
006218-0000Blue-Gray, White (Re-Release)
006231-0000White, Burgundy Mottle (Re-Release)
006247-0000Medium Leaf, Emerald Green (Re-Release)
006264-0000Robin’s Egg, Deep Royal Blue Mottle (Re-Release)
006323-0000Lemon Yellow, White, Gold Pink (Re-Release)
006336-0000White, Turquoise, Gold Purple (Re-Release)
006343-0000White, Olive Green, Gold Pink (Re-Release)
006446-0000White, Turquoise,Lime Green, Gold Pink (Re-Release)
006467-0000White, Lime Green, Turquoise, Gold Pink (Re-Release)


001019-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Red Reactive Clear
001137-0038Medium Amber
001217-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Leaf Green
001226-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Lily Pad Green
001242-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Medieval Green
001429-0037Light Silver Gray
002105-0030Blue Opal, Plum
002107-0030White, Light Green
002108-0030Powder Blue Opal, Marine Blue
002123-0030White, Orange Opal
002124-0030Red Opal, White
002128-0030Royal Blue, Powder Blue Opal
002129-0030Charcoal Gray, White
002209-0030Dark Brown, White
002213-CA30Black, White Cascade (No Samples Available)
002249-CA37White, Light Silver Gray, Silver Irid (No Samples Available)
002302-0030White, Pink Opal
002304-0030White, Lavender Blue Opal
002305-0030White, Salmon Pink Opal
002310-0030White, Cranberry Pink
002941-CA30Warm White, Pine Green (No Samples Available)
002964-CA30Warm White, True Blue (No Samples Available)
002971-0030Petrified Wood
003123-0030White, Orange Opal, Deep Forest Green
003328-0030White, Deep Royal Purple, Cranberry Pink
003501-0030White, Deep Forest Green, Caramel Opal


001015-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Clear, Silver To Gold
001016-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Clear, Silver To Bronze
001164-0030, -0031,
-0050, -0051
Caribbean Blue


000241-0030, -0050Moss Green Opal
001857-0030Red Amber Tint
003086-0030White, Turquoise, Midnight Blue
004302-0031Clear, Clear Stringers, Irid


000119-0030, -0050Mink Opal
000131-0030, -0050Artichoke Opal
000148-0030, -0050Indigo Blue Opal
000206-0030, -0050Elephant Gray Opal
000207-0030, -0050Celadon Green Opal
000208-0030, -0050Dusty Blue Opal
000420-0030, -0050Cream Opal
000920-0030, -0050Warm White Opal
002537-IN30French Vanilla, Lt. Turquoise Blue, Infusion (No Samples Available)
002537-CA30,French Vanilla, Lt. Turquoise Blue, Cascade (No Samples Available)
003100-0030Clear, White, Black
004136-0000Black Frac/Streamer On Clear


002140-0030, -0031Clear, Aventurine Blue


001920-0030Lemon Tint
001932-0030Fuchsia Tint
001934-0030Copper Tint
001948-0030Purple Blue Tint
001964-0030Lavender Gray Tint
001977-0030Pine Green Tint