About Our Glass

Hand-cast by artists for artists since 1974, our glass comes in hundreds of colors and styles. Each hue exists to realize the vision of makers around the world, whether for kilnforming, stained glass, or mosaic. About Our Glass is a user manual to help artists have a deeper understanding of Bullseye Glass styles and how they interact with each other.

Working Properties & Characteristics by Bullseye Glass Style Code

Within each style listing

  • Reactivity (Copper-bearing, Sulfur-bearing, Lead-bearing, Non-Reactive, Reactive with Silver, and special reactive styles)
  • Form of glass that is available at shop.bullseyeglass.com: for example, sheet glass, frit, rod, stringer, ribbon, confetti and billet
  • Accordian drop-down menus include Cold Characteristics and Working Notes for each form of glass. The rods drop-downs also include information specific to torchwork

We continually update this information to improve your experience, so check back often!