002146 Copper Blue, White

002146 Copper Blue Transparent, White Opal Streaky fused tile


Constituent Glasses

Copper Blue (001246) and White Opal (000113)

Reactive Potential

Contains: Copper (Cu)
May React With: Selenium (Se) / Sulfur (S), Reactive styles (000009, 001009, 001019)

Forms of Glass

Sheet Glass

Detailed Information

About 002146 Sheet Glass
Cold Characteristics

Constituent Glass, 001246 Copper Blue Transparent, is uniform in color.

Working Notes

May develop a subtly rippled or wrinkled surface upon slumping. Cap with clear to obtain more uniform, smooth textures in slumped works.

After firing 002146 to a full fuse or hotter, remove used separator products such as Primer and Thinfire thoroughly to avoid possible contamination with sulfur-bearing glasses in a subsequent firing.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.

Working Notes for Constituent Glass
001246 Copper Blue Transparent

May have dark color reaction at interface with cadmium/selenium or sulfur glasses. May have a red-hued color reaction with reactive glasses.

May develop a sheer, dark gray film upon firing to low tack fuse temperatures such as 1275°F (690°C).