Product Image Library

examples of images available in the Bullseye Glass Product Image Library

The Bullseye Product Image Library is a collection of professionally photographed images for the promotion and marketing of Bullseye Glass products.

Conditions for Use

These images may only be used in promoting Bullseye Glass products and must be specified as Bullseye images in print and on the Internet. For text information about these products, we have provided a PDF file of our catalog here: “Bullseye Glass for Art and Architecture.” You may cut and paste copy (words only) from that publication, but strictly for promoting Bullseye Glass products. Please do not copy images of artwork and other non-product images from the catalog.

File Notes

The files in this library are accessible by both Windows and Macintosh applications. The files are organized in folders by categories, with style numbers to name glass files and short word abbreviations for other items.

All files have been color-corrected and proofed, so color adjustment is not recommended and should not be necessary. If your screen image looks different than you would expect, you may need to calibrate your monitor. Please do not alter drawings and logos in any way except in size. All photos were saved using “Adobe 98 RGB” profile. If you are using them for print, open and convert the file using “US Sheetfed coated V2” profile in Photoshop, and save as a TIFF format with no compression. This was the profile used when printing the catalog.

All images and text on Bullseye Product Image Library © 2007-2023 Bullseye Glass Co.