000334 Gold Purple Opal

0334-Gold Purple Opalescent



This style may not reveal (strike to) its target color until fired.

Reactive Potential

Contains: Lead (Pb)
May React With: Selenium (Se) / Sulfur (S)

Forms of Glass

Sheet Glass, Frit, Rod and Stringer

Detailed Information

About 000334 Sheet Glass
Cold Characteristics
000334 cold sheet

Appears a deep royal blue hue with areas of transparency and variations in color density.

Working Notes

Matures to purple upon firing, often with mottles and streaks remaining. Additionally, this style often fires with blue hues and is not uniform in color.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.

About 000334 Frit
000334 coarse frit
000334 medium frit
000334 fine frit
000334 powder

See sheet glass notes for this style.

About 000334 Rod
000334 rod
Cold Characteristics

Opaque, dark purple.

Working Notes

Torch: Gold Purple in rod form becomes lighter in color once flameworked. When molten, this glass has a low viscosity and can be quite soft, which may result in a blurred edge where it meets other glasses.

Kiln: Not recommended for kilnforming.

Other: The name “Gold Purple” comes from the gold that is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing process.

About 000334 Stringer
000334 stringer
000334 stringer

See sheet glass notes for this style.