001437 Light Amber

001437 Light Amber transparent sheet glass swatch


Reactive Potential

Contains: Sulfur (S) / Selenium (Se)
May React With: Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), and Silver (Ag)

Forms of Glass

Sheet Glass (-0030, -0050), Frit (-0001, -0002, -0003, -0008) and Rod (-0576)

Detailed Information

About 001437 Sheet Glass
Cold Characteristics

Varies slightly from lighter to darker shade.

Working Notes

A sulfur glass. May have dark interface reaction with copper-bearing (001116, 001408, 001417, 000116, 000144, 000145, 000147) and lead-bearing (001311, 001215, 000301, 000305) glasses.

About 001437 Frit
Working Notes

See sheet glass notes for this style.

About 001437 Rod
Cold Characteristics

Light transparent amber. Could be mistaken for Yellow Transparent (001120-0576), Orange Transparent (001125-0576), or Pale Yellow Tint (001820-0576), so we advise labeling.

Working Notes

Torch: A stable amber that is not prone to reduction in a neutral flame.

Kiln: Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass. See sheet glass notes for this style.