000332 Plum Opalescent

Plum Opal sheet glass swatch



This style may not reveal (strike to) its target color until fired.

Reactive Potential

Contains: Lead (Pb)
May React With: Selenium (Se) / Sulfur (S)

Forms of Glass

Sheet Glass (-0030, -0050), Frit (-0001, -0002, -0003, -0008) Rod (-0576) and Stringer (-0507), (-0107), Ribbon (-0401)

Detailed Information

About 000332 Sheet Glass
Cold Characteristics

Translucent purple with light plum wisps.

Working Notes

Strikes to a consistent opal. Color darkens with extended heat work.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.

About 000332 Frit

See sheet glass notes for this style.