Invisible Shield Protectant Gel

Invisible Shield and Tile example

When properly applied, Invisible Shield Protectant Gel (008799) brings out luster and gives dry, matte surfaces the sealed appearance of a low-temperature firepolish.

Unfired, unsealed sandblasted surfaces have a “dry” appearance that can show fingerprints and other oils. Ideal for glass that has been sandblasted or coldworked
with loose grit, or in cases where firepolishing isn’t practical. Reduces the appearance of fingerprints and heightens color and transparency.

How to Use It

Make sure your glass surface is thoroughly clean and dry. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of Invisible Shield Protectant Gel onto a suitable application cloth. Blot or rub the gel into the cloth until it is absorbed. Then use the cloth to apply the gel and burnish the surface. You’ll notice the firepolished effect immediately. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way and that the gel is challenging to remove if too much is applied.

When Not to Use It

Invisible Shield Protectant Gel brings about subtle changes in matte surfaces and will not create a glossy effect. It will not heal deep or linear scratches nor does it fix devitrification. Note: Once applied, the surface will resist most adhesives

Safety Guidelines

Invisible Shield Protectant Gel is a concentrated, polymercoating protectant designed for use on household fixtures. Nontoxic and solvent/VOC-free, but not recommended for food-bearing surfaces.

Other Applications
  • Seals kilncast work that has been sandblasted
  • Brightens matte, powder, and pâte de verre surfaces
invisible shield protectant gel thumb
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