Make-It Project: Linear Reaction

linear reaction plate

Create refined and delicate cross-hatching with reactions!

How this project Works

Clear stringers act as a barrier (or resist) between the reactive sheet glass and copper-bearing Turquoise stringers. Where a Turquoise stringer overlaps a Clear stringer, a Turquoise spot remains. Through the firings, the rest of the Turquoise stringers react and develop to a deep red. (More information on reactive glasses is available at

This project produces two 9˝ × 9˝ (23 × 23 cm) finished plates—one using Reactive Ice Clear, the other using Reactive Cloud Opalescent—with stringers left over for future projects.

Prepare the Sheet Glass & Assemble the Layers

We’ll start with the Reactive Ice Clear plate. You will repeat these steps with the Reactive Cloud Opalescent to make the other plate.

  1. Cut the Reactive Ice Clear sheet glass to 9˝ × 9˝. Note that Reactive Ice Clear, viewed on edge, often has a blue-to-green tint. This tint will help you differentiate Reactive Ice Clear from non-reactive Clear. This knowledge is crucial in assembling this piece.
  2. Cut Tekta Clear to 9˝ × 9˝.
  3. Clean both sheets and place them on inverted cups or blocks (for easier handling). Place the Tekta first smooth side up, then cap with Reactive Ice Clear also smooth side up.

Download the article to complete the project.

linear reactions plate
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