Origins: The Bullseye Glass Story

Watch the Story of Bullseye’s First Fifty Years—and Help Launch Vitreonics’ YouTube Channel

Vitreonics (see below) is already one of the most effective champions of kilforming around. Through their filmclass, and videos, they are helping the wider world understand and appreciate the powerful appeal of glass fusing. With plans to feature other kilnforming topics and artists in the near future, they are definitely content creators to follow and support. You can help elevate the glass community around the world by subscribing to Vitreonics’ YouTube channel and recommending it far and wide.

The Birth of Fusible Glass

Bullseye Glass Co.’s 50th year anniversary is almost here! And to help us ramp up our celebrations and recollections, the team at Vitreonics has created a video that brings to life the company’s first half century of adventures in glass.

In this one-hour journey, you’ll meet many of the merry pranksters, intrepid artists, technical wizards, and colorful makers who played a part in Bullseye’s unlikely story. You’ll see how curiosity, friendship, and a passion for learning turned an against-all-odds discovery into a glass art revolution that continues today.

Tim Carey, glass artist and Justin Monroe, director of Holy Frit

About Vitreonics

Vitreonics is a partnership between filmmaker Justin Monroe, Director of Holy Frit, and glass artist Tim Carey. Their YouTube channel will be devoted to educational, fun, and funny videos and clips related to glass art and glass artists.

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