Quick Tip: A Riot of Effects


Simple Layup + Reactions = A Riot of Effects

What’s Going On In This Glass?

Our piece may look complex, but the colorful effects resulted from just allowing and preventing two types of reactions: sulfur + copper and sulfur + silver.

The Layup was Simple

A base of Tekta Clear sheet (001100-0380) topped with French Vanilla sheet (000137-0030); strips of Silver Foil (007217) placed on the French Vanilla sheet; and Light Aquamarine Blue medium frit (001408-0002) layered over the bottom 2/3 of the silver strips, spilling onto the French Vanilla sheet. We fired to a full fuse.


We’ve had success firing this layup with an initial heat range of 200-400°F in the first segment of a full fuse. If using larger pieces of silver, slow this rate to 100 degrees per hour to prevent thermal shock.

What Happened
  • Copper-bearing Aquamarine frit reacted with sulfurbearing French Vanilla sheet.
  • Silver foil reacted with sulfur-bearing French Vanilla sheet. Uncapped and unrestrained, the reaction spread out (fumed) toward the edge of the piece.
  • Copper-bearing Aquamarine frit did not react with silver foil. Instead, it capped the foil, confining the reaction between silver and French Vanilla to the border.
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