Quick Tip: Iridescent Squares

Grid of Irid Squares

Transform a single sheet of Rainbow Iridescent glass into shimmering mosaic design.

The Details

Start with a 3 mm sheet of a saturated transparent color (or black) with a Rainbow Iridescent (irid) coating. Find a section with a range of color and cut it into squares. Arrange the pieces with an eye to both color contrast and color transitions at the seams. Clean the pieces and carefully transfer them to a primed shelf with the irid coating face down.

Make sure the squares fit tightly. If there are gaps, the glass will flow to close them but the irid coating won’t, leaving spaces where the base color shows through the metallic surface.

Cap with a single sheet of 3 mm Clear and fire to a full fuse. Flip the piece over to slump it. Note that this brings the glossy side in contact with the slumping mold, where it can pick up the texture of the mold. To minimize this, choose gently sloped mold profiles that require less heatwork.

Note: When used in direct contact with iridized glass, ThinFire may cause a reaction resulting in surface pitting.

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