Quick Tip: Smooth It Out

smooth it out

Create a smooth, uniform surface on the shelf-side of your fired work.

The Details
  1. First, prepare a kilnshelf with Bullseye Shelf Primer (008220). Follow the instructions in our free video Preparing Kiln Shelves to prime and dry the shelf.
  2. Once the shelf has cooled, gently buff the surface with a sheet of standard copy paper.
  3. Tip the shelf upright with the primer side away from you and tap it lightly against a hard surface to knock off the loosened primer (to ease cleanup, tap the shelf onto a piece of butcher paper). Ideally, this will be done with local ventilation, wearing a NIOSH approved respirator.
  4. Note: The buffed surface is delicate. Avoid sliding pieces of sheet glass across it, as primer can collect in the seams.
  5. This technique is ideal for works with a single base sheet or minimal seams. We’re especially fond of the
  6. effect on iridized glass, though it’s equally effective on non-iridized opals & transparents.

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