Tips for Using Vermiculite Board

vermiculite board

Bullseye Vermiculite Board is stronger and more durable than most fiberboard used for making casting molds.

Here are some tips for handling it successfully.

  1. Work it like wood.
    Vermiculite board can be cut or tooled like wood or particle board.
  2. Control dust and wear a respirator.
    Our vermiculite is certified asbestos free. Regardless, whenever generating dust, work in a well-ventilated area and wear a NIOSH approved respirator.
  3. Pre-fire vermiculite boards at 55ºF (30ºC) above process temperature.
    After cutting to size, determine the process temperature for your intended project. Then fire at a rate of 500ºF (278ºC) per hour to a temperature approximately 55ºF (30ºC) higher than your planned process temperature. For example, if the process temperature for your intended project is 1525ºF (829ºC), you will add 55ºF (30ºC) to that temperature and pre-fire the vermiculite to 1580ºF (860ºC). Hold at that temperature for 30 minutes, then crash cool the kiln.
  4. Line with fiber paper after pre-firing.
  5. Handle the vermiculite carefully.
    The boards can become brittle after multiple firings, so always treat it carefully.
  6. Avoid using vermiculite boards as kiln shelves.
    The boards are not designed to function as kiln shelves. Using them as such can put your project (and possibly your kiln) at risk.
  7. Use it for projects!
    See Bullseye Vermiculite Box Assembly on the reverse side of this page for assembly instructions.

Download the article to learn about vermiculite box assembly.

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