TipSheet 4: Designing Your Own Art Glass

Discover One of the Most Empowering Potentials of Glass Fusing

Working with a palette of glass frit, powder, and stringers, you can create unique sheets of art glass to use in stained glass or fusing projects. Using the materials and techniques described in this TipSheet, you will no longer be dependent on the selection of sheet glass offered by dealers or manufacturers. Rather than searching the globe for a sheet of glass with perfect color transitions, you can create sheet glass to meet the exact requirements of your artwork.

This TipSheet describes how to make a series of sample tiles using the classic elements of design, line, dot, shading, shape, and pattern. Use the same techniques to make larger sheets that can be cut into parts for use in larger projects. As you practice these simple techniques, you will probably be flooded with ideas for unique patterns, colors, and textures of your own.

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