Frit Tinting

Wedges of colorful cast frit

Frit tinting is a method that allows one to create specific color blends for kilncasting and pâte de verre.

The process involves “tinting” or coloring clear glass by adhering colored powder (-0008) to larger-grained Clear frit (001101-0001, -0002, -0003) and then firing the mixture in a mold. By conducting careful tests with this method, you can learn to manipulate color saturation and translucence in frit-cast pieces with predictable results.

Both opalescent and transparent colored powders can be used for this process, and colored powders can be mixed to further extend one’s palette. A surprisingly small amount of Bullseye powder will add substantial color to clear frit.

The image above shows the saturation resulting from various ratios of powder to frit. Note that the samples were cast as wedges, which allow the color to be viewed at different thicknesses. All of the samples were made with Clear medium frit
(001101-0002). One series was mixed with Spring Green powder (001426-0008) and the other with Turquoise Blue (001116-0008). The percentage of colored powder to clear frit is indicated.

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