Quick Tip: Fritfetti

Fritfetti plates

Say YES to sprinkles!

Steps (4 firings)
  1. Make frit balls with Medium Frit. See Quick Tip: Frit Balls.
  1. Cut 7˝ (≈ 18 cm) circles. You’ll need 3 circles of Clear and one of each opalescent style to make the set.
  2. Clean and layer the sheet glass. Use an opal style for the base and cap with Clear.
  3. Brush a thin layer of GlasTac onto the clear sheet, sprinkle the frit ball mix and adjust to your liking. Don’t worry about finding the flat sides of the frit balls.
  4. Fire to a full fuse. See Tip Sheet 7: Platemaking Tips.
  5. You will likely notice a little haze around the dots. Fix this surface flaw and gloss up the project by firing a fresh layer of Clear Powder to the top surface. It’s worth it! See Quick Tip: Fix Surface Flaws.
  6. Center on Drop Out Ring Mold (008632), place directly on a kiln shelf and slump. See Mold Tips: Suggested Slumping Schedules.
Making Mini frit Balls

The secret to the small dots is to make them with Medium (-0002) Frit. Guidelines include firing on a primed kiln shelf and using transparent frit. The larger grains of -02 are a little easier to manage here. These smaller grains can be fired with a little less heatwork than when making frit balls with Coarse Frit; firing as fast as possible to 1490ºF (810ºC) for 10 minutes usually does the trick. Include a two hour hold at 1225ºF (663ºC) on the way up for color development in gold-bearing pinks.


Frit & Powder

Sheet Glass

Other Supplies

  • Bullseye GlasTac, 4oz (008234)
  • Drop Out Ring Slumping Mold,
    8.9˝ (23 cm) (008632)
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