Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls

Little Wisp bowls

Wisps of White and Clear, let the color shine through.

Create your own streaky color palette. Layer Clear and White Streaky sheet glass over transparent tint glass styles. Slump in the Mini Cone Bowl mold to upturn the edges and achieve luscious color at the rim.

  1. Cut 4.5˝ (approx. 11.5 cm) circles. You’ll need 3 circles of Clear, White Streaky sheet glass and one of each tint style to make the set.
  2. Clean & layer. Use a tint style for the base and cap with Clear, White Streaky sheet glass.
  3. Fire to a full fuse. We recommend the schedule from Tip Sheet 7: Platemaking Tips.
  4. Slump into Mini Cone Bowl Mold (008974). See Mold Tips: Cone Bowl Molds for additional notes.
  • Clear, White Streaky sheet glass may become more translucent upon firing.
  • Remove any needlepointed edges with a diamond pad prior to slumping.
  • A larger Cone Bowl Mold (008943) could also be used for wider variety of dish sizes.
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