Quick Tip: On the Edge with Transparents


Transparents transform with on-edge strip construction.

Cut 3 mm sheet glass into 1 cm wide strips, turn those on edge, and—presto!—color saturation increases. In the pairings below, notice how the 1cm thick on-edge samples (right) are darker than the thinner 3 mm flat sheet samples (left), producing new depths of color. Your palette just multiplied!

On-Edge Strip Variations

Sample tiles depicted in the full article are made from 3mm sheet glass (color and any clear) cut into strips, dammed, and fired on edge. Narrowest color bands are one strip; wider bands are two or three. Making samples with this technique allows you to gauge how a project’s thickness will affect its color saturation. Just look at the dramatic transformation in those tint styles! You’ll love having these valuable design tools to reference in your studio.

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