Stained Glass: Getting Started

stained glass pendants in a window

Ready to make the world a brighter place?

With the full range of Bullseye Glass, your palette of colorful possibilities is practically limitless.

A Quick Word on Strikers

If you’re new to using Bullseye colors for stained glass, we trust you’ll enjoy exploring our unparalleled palette. First, however, it helps to understand what we call Strikers. They’re our glass styles that change color (or “strike”) when heated in a kiln.

Practically speaking, that means if a glass catches your attention while perusing our Online Store or Bullseye Catalog (or any virtual venue), pause to check if it’s a Striker. If it is, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with color options.

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Stained Glass Patterns

To jump start your next project, we have created several stained glass designs with suggested palettes for download. Feel free to improvise and expand upon these ideas!