TipSheet 1: Kilncarving

A Simple Kilnforming Technique Developed by Rudi Gritsch

“Kilncarving” is a term coined at Bullseye to describe a simple kilnforming process that achieves a bas relief, textured, or sculpted look in glass. The process involves cutting a pattern or design in ceramic fiber paper, then stacking glass on top of the pattern and firing the piece in a kiln. During firing, the underside of the glass conforms to the ceramic fiber paper pattern, assuming its contours and textures.

Kilncarving is a good beginning technique. In trying it, you can learn how glass reacts with heat at various temperatures, and you can achieve some beautiful shapes and patterns with only minimal glass cutting and fusing.

The two primary materials used in this process are glass and ceramic fiber paper. The primary tool—besides a kiln—is an X-Acto knife. In this TipSheet, we provide some basic information about the materials, tools, and steps involved in kilncarving glass.

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