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These educational articles were originally published in the Bullseye TechBook, on our website, or in our newsletters. They include GlassTips, TorchTips, TechNotes, TipSheets, Studio Tips, Product Use Sheets, Make It Projects, and QuickTips. All are free of charge.


TechNotes 1: Knowing Your Kiln
TechNotes 2: The Vitrigraph Kiln
TechNotes 3: Compatibility of Glasses
TechNotes 4: Heat & Glass
TechNotes 5: Volume & Bubble Control
TechNotes 6: Preparing the Shelf System for a Large Kiln
TechNotes 7: Monitoring Kiln Temperatures for Successful Annealing


TipSheet 1: Kilncarving
TipSheet 2: Accessory Glasses (Not Available)
TipSheet 3: Working Deep
TipSheet 4: Designing Your Own Art Glass
TipSheet 5: Bullseye Box Casting
TipSheet 6: Roll-Ups
TipSheet 7: Platemaking
TipSheet 8: Basic Lost Wax Kilncasting

Studio Tips

Annealing Thick Slabs
Fahrenheit/Celsius Converters
Glass Cleaning Basics
Improve Your Glass Cutting
Kilnforming Project Notes Form
Prefiring Your New Kiln - NEW
Recommended Annealing Cycle for Bullseye Glass
Safety in the Kiln-Glass Studio

Product Use

Bullseye Brainstorm: Textures & Irids
Bullseye Shelf Primer Instructions
Color Cues (includes Introduction, Brights, Dusk, Spring Lake, and Pink Martini)
Frit Tinting
Get a Reaction: Bullseye Copper-Bearing Glasses
Get a Reaction: Bullseye Reactive Glasses
Mold Tips: Big Bowl
Mold Tips: Cone Bowls
Mold Tips: Deep Form
Mold Tips: Pyramid Casting Mold
Reactive Potential of Bullseye Glasses - REVISED
Special Effects: Steel Blue Opalescent
ThinFire Shelf Paper
Tips for Using Bullseye Slumping Molds
What to Expect from Bullseye Glass
What to Expect from Opaline Striker Frit
Clean Shield Gel
Drilling Small Holes in Jewelry and Ornaments - NEW

Make It Projects

Make It: Dilution Solution
Make It: Inline Plate
Make It: Linear Reaction Plate
Make It: Opaline Sushi Set
Make It: Tint Tone Plate

Quick Tips

A Riot of Effects
Fine Line Stringers
Fix Surface Flaws
Fresh Color
Frit Balls
Glimmering, Shimmering Irids
Gold-Bearing Pink Tints
Holiday Punch
Inky Blue Brush Strokes
Iridescent Squares
Multitasking Molds

Powder Power
River Rock Reaction
Silver Stripe Jewelry - NEW
Stripes and Dots
Suggested Slumping Schedules
Opaline Ring

Legacy Guides

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GlassTips: Opalescents
GlassTips: Transparents
TorchTips: Opalescent and Transparents